FTL – we organize a full loading of goods with partner companies accomplishing the best quality of service; we provide cars for the load in short terms always according to the parameters that our customers gave us.  

For this kind of transport we offer all transportation means, from vans and solo trucks, with a maximum portability of 3.5 tons, to tandems and all according to our customers’ instructions.

LTL – we offer this service as one of the biggest advantages of our company. Our clients don not have any necessity to make useless storage of goods and this thanks to that each delivery time from packaging from the EU and all national countries are normally in a short transit time. Following timetables of trucks and for your goods we organize the most economic transport with transit time for as much as an unique truck.

All risks of these kinds of transport we foreseen qualitative, so that you as importer/exporter can only expect goods to the arranged time on arranged toll.  

Security of goods – all cars have CMR insurance, but we suggest our clients to ensure goods in their name or in their favor at our partner house on best conditions, if the goods are sensible for transport because of the value or because of the sensibility on transport.  

It is important to underline that after price confirmation we do communication with your international partners – we do the check-up of given dimensions and weight, we  report car and make appointments about export formalities with toll agents. You should only follow the status of your goods via e-mail, because you are included in all communication.